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Shirt Studs

Set of four shirt studs. These are worn with a Tuxedo or Dress Shirt and are usually worn accompanied with Cuff Links in the same pattern.

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  • O'Carrolan's Knot Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options O'Carrolan's Knot Shirt Studs
    This pattern named for the famous celtic harper is taken from the decorative illumination of the 6 th. to 8 th. century manuscript the " Book of Kells . It is formed from one line unsymmetrical but strangely balanced. It was...
  • Bridget's Moon Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Bridget's Moon Shirt Studs
    This pattern, named after Ireland's most celebrated Abbotress Bridget or female saint , but Bridge or Bridget also affiliated to the triple goddess dates to before Christian times , this pattern I first found carved in the...
  • Tullylease Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Tullylease Shirt Studs
    From a slab at Tullylease. This design of spirals unites in a central coil of North, South, East, and West , invoking the protection of the trinity in each quadrant; to guard, hold, and cherish from each set of three facing...
  • Tyrone Knot Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Tyrone Knot Shirt Studs
    Probably the most powerful knot in the book . This design is a triquetra in it's simplest form it represents ( Mother Earth or the Triple Goddess ) showing affinity towards the world as it should be ( A Simply Thought ) and...
  • Bealin Knot Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Bealin Knot Shirt Studs
    Related strongly to the Star of Eire, the bealin knot is split into two bands the inner pattern intertwines through loops formed by the other forming a cross. It is seen many times in the Book of Kells, especially on some of...
  • Star of Eire Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Star of Eire Shirt Studs
    Taken from a slab found at Mona Incha. The pattern uses one circular band forming four points in the centre. The loops make a cross with curved expanding arms. This can be interpreted as the star pattern or as a cross. The...
  • Duleek Knot Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Duleek Knot Shirt Studs
    From the south cross at Duleek, Co. Meath. Duleek is set in a spiritual glen linked to pagan times. This symbol is found in many old druid patterns. The circle which encompasses the pattern is a symbol for completeness and...
  • Rosaleen Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Rosaleen Shirt Studs
    This pattern consists of intertwining hearts, the points of the hearts making a star in the center. The hearts promote a sense of inner peace and act as a talisman. Overall the pattern ensures strong relationships while...
  • Fechin Cross Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Fechin Cross Shirt Studs
    One continuous band circulating into four quadrant shaped knots. This symbol is believed to be the guardian of the spirit. The quadrants represent protection in the four directions. This symbol is found on the high cross at...
  • Fancy Tri-Skell Shirt Studs
    $122.00 Choose Options Fancy Tri-Skell Shirt Studs
    Originating in pre-christian times, the central tri-skell is a protectorant in travel and battle, and can be found in Ancient British and Pictish Artwork on standing stones. A magical symbol, (a recapitatative impulse). The...

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