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  • Lover's Knot Signet Ring
    $96.50 Choose Options Lover's Knot Signet Ring
    This pattern is found carved in stone at Meigle in Perthshire, Scotland. It is created from one continuous line, which represents eternity, fidelity, and unity to a thought, person or idea. The inner pattern consists of four...
  • O'Neil's Signet Ring
    O'Neil's Signet Ring
    A Handsome ring named after the most powerful Clan in Ulster (The Northern Quadrant of Ireland), this signet ring is one designed for a larger hand - with stones cut in Carnelian. Lapis and Onyx. It bears a variation of the...
  • Star of Eire Signet Ring
    $96.50 Choose Options Star of Eire Signet Ring
    Taken from a slab found at Mona Incha. The pattern uses one circular band forming four points in the centre. The loops make a cross with curved expanding arms. This can be interpreted as the star pattern or as a cross. The...
  • Stewarts Band Ring
    $96.50 Choose Options Stewarts Band Ring
    This flowing pattern is one of recent design, it contains two lines (much like the Antrim Band), as two people's lives are intertwined, and is often used as a bonding symbol. The circle is echoed showing completeness and...
  • Tree of Life Ring
    $96.50 Choose Options Tree of Life Ring
    The Tree of Life reflects the joining of both the upper and lower worlds. Their roots burrowing deep into the earth while their branches reach to the sky. The vessels represent the balance of the two. This design is of...
  • Victorian Signet Ring
    Victorian Signet Ring
    This is a simple yet elegant design that dates back to early Celtic Times. Often worn as a pinky ring, the pattern is frequently used as a talisman of love and friendship; often gentle folk would wear signet rings as an...
  • Wave Ring
    $96.50 Choose Options Wave Ring
    With its running S-scrolls made with one continuous line, comes from the Neolithic period of Central Europe around 5100BC and symbolizes life to many civilizations. The continuous line represents the eternity of both life...
  • Woven Band Ring
    $96.50 Choose Options Woven Band Ring
    A traditional design used in scriptures to symbolize the trinity. The father, the son, and the spirit, intertwined with no beginning or end, as if one. Often used as a friendship or wedding band. Available in 4mm and 6mm...

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