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Lapel Pins

Our lapel pins can also be used as a larger tie tack, they come with a single post and a flat locking push on back and are offered in our small pendant size.

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  • A'isling Cross Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options A'isling Cross Lapel Pin
    This emblem is known as the fret or key pattern. It developed simultaneously throughout the world. In the Native American culture it is used as a seasonal or changing symbol, in eastern thought as a positive directional...
  • Antrim Knot Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Antrim Knot Lapel Pin
    Taken from an ancient slab in Northern Ireland this pictish knot, also found in the Kells and Lindisfarne manuscripts is composed of one line, it forms a anti clockwise pattern symmetrically balanced North to South, East to...
  • Bealin Knot Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Bealin Knot Lapel Pin
    Related strongly to the Star of Eire, the bealin knot is split into two bands the inner pattern intertwines through loops formed by the other forming a cross. It is seen many times in the Book of Kells, especially on some of...
  • Bridget's Moon Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Bridget's Moon Lapel Pin
    This pattern, named after Ireland's most celebrated Abbotress Bridget or female saint , but Bridge or Bridget also affiliated to the triple goddess dates to before Christian times , this pattern I first found carved in the...
  • Britford Knot Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Britford Knot Lapel Pin
    Taken from a carved stone at Britford near Salisbury. This pattern is constructed from two lines, when studied closely two patterns emerge similar to the Star of Eire and the Iona Knot. The star a directional symbol is used...
  • Caithlin Cross Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Caithlin Cross Lapel Pin
    This equal sided cross is often found on the top of High Crosses in Ireland , Scotland or Wales was probably the first type of cross worn by the converted Christians in Ireland also known as a Scottish cross , it has four...
  • Clare Pattern Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Clare Pattern Lapel Pin
    I dedicate this pattern to the Irish People from Co. Clare who left from Cork in Ireland to America headed for America and a " better life", during the famine around 1845. The balance of heart and soul that help build this...
  • Donough's Keep Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Donough's Keep Lapel Pin
    This motif is found in borders or arch ways. Therefore, it is considered a protective or supportive symbol. The pattern has arrows pointing outward indicating outer growth and an inner design indicating stability and...
  • Duleek Knot Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Duleek Knot Lapel Pin
    From the south cross at Duleek, Co. Meath. Duleek is set in a spiritual glen linked to pagan times. This symbol is found in many old druid patterns. The circle which encompasses the pattern is a symbol for completeness and...
  • Fancy Two Spirals Lapel Pin
    $46.50 Choose Options Fancy Two Spirals Lapel Pin
    The spiral dates back to the Neolithic times carved in stone at such sites as New Grange in Ireland 3000, BC. (Refer to our Two Spirals pattern) This design is a slightly more elaborate version, shows the pattern left and...

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