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  • Lover's Knot Earrings
    $62.50 Choose Options Lover's Knot Earrings
    This pattern is found carved in stone at Meigle in Perthshire, Scotland. It is created from one continuous line, which represents eternity, fidelity, and unity to a thought, person or idea. The inner pattern consists of four...
  • O'Carrolan's Knot Earrings
    $62.50 Choose Options O'Carrolan's Knot Earrings
    This pattern named for the famous celtic harper is taken from the decorative illumination of the 6 th. to 8 th. century manuscript the " Book of Kells . It is formed from one line unsymmetrical but strangely balanced. It was...
  • Occian Earrings
    $78.50 Choose Options Occian Earrings
    The Occian is the Wizard of Change. The arrows pointing both inward and outward depict the forces of love in all relationships. This can also be thought of as the interchanging of thoughts and ideas between people or a...
  • Restan Earrings
    $62.50 Choose Options Restan Earrings
    As in Donough's Keep, this design is found in borders or arch ways. It is considered a protective or supportive symbol. A Symbol of letting go or grow from within . This pattern has arrows pointing outward indicating outer...
  • Rosaleen Earrings
    $78.50 Choose Options Rosaleen Earrings
    This pattern consists of intertwining hearts, the points of the hearts making a star in the center. The hearts promote a sense of inner peace and act as a talisman. Overall the pattern ensures strong relationships while...
  • Seven Spirals Earrings
    $78.50 Choose Options Seven Spirals Earrings
    This Pattern has its roots based in Neolithic times ( 3000 BC ), it is formed from a basic Triskell ( Triple Goddess ) or Trinity Symbol in it's centre-reaching out to the three more Triskells each Echoing the power of the...
  • Shamrock Earrings
    $62.50 Choose Options Shamrock Earrings
    From the High Cross at Kilfenora, Co. Clare. Triangular knot work is rare in Ireland but well known in many parts of Scotland. The triquetra in druid times was used to represent the three forces of nature: earth, air and...
  • St. Theresa's Knot Earrings
    $78.50 Choose Options St. Theresa's Knot Earrings
    Her works, like herself, were dominated by the love of God and characterized by humor, intelligent and common sense. She was one of the greatest mystics of the 16th century.
  • Star of Eire Earrings
    $62.50 Choose Options Star of Eire Earrings
    Taken from a slab found at Mona Incha. The pattern uses one circular band forming four points in the centre. The loops make a cross with curved expanding arms. This can be interpreted as the star pattern or as a cross. The...
  • Three Lions Dangle Pendant Earrings
    $78.50 Choose Options Three Lions Dangle Pendant Earrings
    Taken from the 6th-8th Century manuscript the Book of Kells. This symbol for St. Mark (who stressed Christ's power and royalty) and symbolises a protectorant from evil. This is a symbol of transcendence and release,...