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  • Harvest Tri-Skell Earrings
    $80.50 Choose Options Harvest Tri-Skell Earrings
    Originating in pre-christian times, the central tri-skell is a protectorant in travel and battle, and can be found in Ancient British and Pictish Artwork on standing stones. A magical symbol, (a recapitatative impulse). The...
  • Clare Pattern Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Clare Pattern Earrings
    I dedicate this pattern to the Irish People from Co. Clare who left from Cork in Ireland to America headed for America and a " better life", during the famine around 1845. The balance of heart and soul that help build this...
  • Caithlin Cross Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Caithlin Cross Earrings
    This equal sided cross is often found on the top of High Crosses in Ireland , Scotland or Wales was probably the first type of cross worn by the converted Christians in Ireland also known as a Scottish cross , it has four...
  • Tri-Skell Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Tri-Skell Earrings
    Although predating Christianity in it's origins as a symbol for the " Triple Goddess " or " Mother Earth " , it was often used as a protectorant in travel and even on battle shields. A symbol found in Ancient British and...
  • Three Lions Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Three Lions Earrings
    Taken from the 6th-8th Century manuscript the Book of Kells. This symbol for St. Mark (who stressed Christ's power and royalty) and symbolises a protectorant from evil. This is a symbol of transcendence and release,...
  • St. Theresa's Knot Earrings
    $80.50 Choose Options St. Theresa's Knot Earrings
    Her works, like herself, were dominated by the love of God and characterized by humor, intelligent and common sense. She was one of the greatest mystics of the 16th century.
  • Three Spirals Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Three Spirals Earrings
    This is taken from an earlier Neolithic design, this pattern re- occurs in the 8th Century using the triskele (the heart, the soul and the mind) echoing the patterns used in the Neolithic tombs outside New Grange in 5000BC,...
  • Two Spirals Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Two Spirals Earrings
    Taken from pictish art, and dating back more than three thousand years, this pattern is equivalent to the balance of above and below, the real and mystical worlds united, and has similarities to the yin and yang. The Bonding...
  • Occian Earrings
    $80.50 Choose Options Occian Earrings
    The Occian is the Wizard of Change. The arrows pointing both inward and outward depict the forces of love in all relationships. This can also be thought of as the interchanging of thoughts and ideas between people or a...
  • Restan Earrings
    $64.50 Choose Options Restan Earrings
    As in Donough's Keep, this design is found in borders or arch ways. It is considered a protective or supportive symbol. A Symbol of letting go or grow from within . This pattern has arrows pointing outward indicating outer...