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Cuff Links

As fashions have changed throughout time, cufflinks are still a traditional way to accentuate a formal suit. Our cufflinks are made in a way that will catch the eyes of anyone in the room, and their durable fabrication makes them the only pair of cufflinks that one will want to use.

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  • Donough's Keep Cuff Links
    $95.00 Choose Options Donough's Keep Cuff Links
    This motif is found in borders or arch ways. Therefore, it is considered a protective or supportive symbol. The pattern has arrows pointing outward indicating outer growth and an inner design indicating stability and...
  • A'isling Cross Cuff Links
    $95.00 Choose Options A'isling Cross Cuff Links
    This emblem is known as the fret or key pattern. It developed simultaneously throughout the world. In the Native American culture it is used as a seasonal or changing symbol, in eastern thought as a positive directional...
  • Iona Knot Cuff Links
    $95.00 Choose Options Iona Knot Cuff Links
    This symbol indicates achieving peace within oneself. The pattern is often used as a talisman, created by one continuous line forming four three-part triquetras which represent eternity, fidelity, and unity to a thought,...
  • Lover's Knot Cuff Links
    $95.00 Choose Options Lover's Knot Cuff Links
    This pattern is found carved in stone at Meigle in Perthshire, Scotland. It is created from one continuous line, which represents eternity, fidelity, and unity to a thought, person or idea. The inner pattern consists of four...
  • Shamrock Cuff Links
    $95.00 Choose Options Shamrock Cuff Links
    From the High Cross at Kilfenora, Co. Clare. Triangular knot work is rare in Ireland but well known in many parts of Scotland. The triquetra in druid times was used to represent the three forces of nature: earth, air and...
  • Antrim Knot Cuff Links
    $95.00 Choose Options Antrim Knot Cuff Links
    Taken from an ancient slab in Northern Ireland this pictish knot, also found in the Kells and Lindisfarne manuscripts is composed of one line, it forms a anti clockwise pattern symmetrically balanced North to South, East to...

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