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Each handmade brooch, built in Sterling Silver or in Gold, with a locking pin clasp is an adornment to any ensemble and will be treasured through time as an heirloom piece of jewellery.

  • Two Swans Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Two Swans Brooch
    Depicted in the 8th to 10th century Book of Kells, the two swans are animals that mate for life. They show the unity between two people as a circle; a never ending bond that transcends all. Two as in one mind, thought and...
  • Tynan Bands Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Tynan Bands Brooch
    Taken from the cross at Tynan abbey Co. Armagh This is a knot formed of four oval bands interlaced by a fifth band tying all together. The four seasons held throughout the year this is a mother earth symbol. One of grounding...