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Each handmade brooch, built in Sterling Silver or in Gold, with a locking pin clasp is an adornment to any ensemble and will be treasured through time as an heirloom piece of jewellery.

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  • St. Michael's Sun Brooch
    $118.50 St. Michael's Sun Brooch
    Taken from the slab of Beretchert at Tullylease. This eight pointed or double cross pattern of two lines intertwined is a more complex form of the Bealin Cross. The center, holding the sun from which all life comes, to the...
  • Lockenbooth Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Lockenbooth Brooch
    Dating back more than 400 years, this lover's brooch is said to have been given to Lord Darcy by Mary Queen of Scots. The intertwined hearts with a crown above suggest love, loyalty and friendship. This is the Scottish...
  • Two Spirals Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Two Spirals Brooch
    Taken from pictish art, and dating back more than three thousand years, this pattern is equivalent to the balance of above and below, the real and mystical worlds united, and has similarities to the yin and yang. The Bonding...
  • Four Hearts Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Four Hearts Brooch
    Taken from the Bore stone of Gask, in Perthshire. This complex, pictish pattern, shows four hearts. Balanced North, South, East, and West forming a cross this would have been thought of as a symbol to protect love from evil...
  • Britford Knot Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Britford Knot Brooch
    Taken from a carved stone at Britford near Salisbury. This pattern is constructed from two lines, when studied closely two patterns emerge similar to the Star of Eire and the Iona Knot. The star a directional symbol is used...
  • Bearded Men Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Bearded Men Brooch
    Found in the Book of Kells from the 8th to 10th century. This design, of the three wise men who sought truth, charity, and love. Their wisdom we all seek as simple disciples of humanity. The Greatest of All is Charity. Wear...
  • Durrow Spiral Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Durrow Spiral Brooch
    This pattern holds the trinity in its center. A protection from evil, found in the outer quadrants of a cross at Durrow Abbey, Kings Co. The father to son relationship is carried on insuring family values held throughout...
  • Hares & Moons Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Hares & Moons Brooch
    This pattern was brought to me from a book of fairy dreams (I found the fable to be quite fascinating.) The Celts in Ireland believed not in the man in the moon but the "Hare in the Moon." Notice how the ears join from a...
  • Antrim Knot Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options Antrim Knot Brooch
    Taken from an ancient slab in Northern Ireland this pictish knot, also found in the Kells and Lindisfarne manuscripts is composed of one line, it forms a anti clockwise pattern symmetrically balanced North to South, East to...
  • O'Carrolan's Knot Brooch
    $88.50 Choose Options O'Carrolan's Knot Brooch
    This pattern named for the famous celtic harper is taken from the decorative illumination of the 6th. to 8th. century manuscript the Book of Kells. It is formed from one line unsymmetrical but strangely balanced. It was...

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