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Bolo Ties

Often thought of as "Western Wear" this stylish accessory adds a Celtic touch to anyone's wardrobe. Our bolo ties come on 42" leather cords with matching tips, making them as beautiful as they are long-lasting.

  • O'Carrolan's Knot Bolo Tie
    $112.50 Choose Options O'Carrolan's Knot Bolo Tie
    This pattern named for the famous celtic harper is taken from the decorative illumination of the 6 th. to 8 th. century manuscript the " Book of Kells . It is formed from one line unsymmetrical but strangely balanced. It was...
  • Bealin Knot Bolo Tie
    $112.50 Choose Options Bealin Knot Bolo Tie
    Related strongly to the Star of Eire, the bealin knot is split into two bands the inner pattern intertwines through loops formed by the other forming a cross. It is seen many times in the Book of Kells, especially on some of...
  • Three Spirals Bolo Tie
    $112.50 Choose Options Three Spirals Bolo Tie
    This is taken from an earlier Neolithic design, this pattern re- occurs in the 8th Century using the triskele (the heart, the soul and the mind) echoing the patterns used in the Neolithic tombs outside New Grange in 5000BC,...
  • Three Horses Bolo Tie
    $112.50 Choose Options Three Horses Bolo Tie
    Reproduced by George Bain, this pattern is symbolic of power. Taken from pictish artwork, it owes its origin to the qualities of knighthood and those that rode or possessed horses, with hopefully good intentions, whom ever...
  • Iona Knot Bolo Tie
    $112.50 Choose Options Iona Knot Bolo Tie
    This symbol indicates achieving peace within oneself. The pattern is often used as a talisman, created by one continuous line forming four three-part triquetras which represent eternity, fidelity, and unity to a thought,...